john seefeldt
Fragments of Reconstruction and Longing

Fragments of Reconstruction and Longing attempts to examine the way in which we remember and reconstruct our past experiences. The space is divided into two sections.  One section is dedicated to longing which presents photographs and archival imagery within a romanticized 3D modeled environment. The second space is dedicated to reconstruction which attempts to reconstruct and investigate these memories in a more analytical format.

The installation was built using a modular system that was designed to support the spacial investigation of conceptual ideas. The main materials used are affordable and widely available. The more complex, custom components were designed to be produced using consumer level 3D printers and have been published under the Creative Commons license allowing them to be freely reproduced and modified.

Pedestal assembly:



12′ x 24′ x 13′

Wood, fabric, 3D printed components, custom electronics, custom software, interactive projection & sound, room installation


Originally Designed and Exhibited @ the Sculpture Center in Cleveland Ohio:


Also Shown in New Orleans Luisiana @ the Collins C. Dibrell Gallery: