john seefeldt
Inverted Interface (worm jar)

Interactive / 3D

Custom Software, Electronics, Wood, Glass, Fabric

This piece includes a wrap around rear projection screen and a pedestal with a turntable on top that acts as a rotating control device. The content projected onto the screen is an interactive live rendered application. The worms within the application are running on a custom 3-stage artificial intelligence. Based on the AI the worms first try to seek a food source, they then attempt to create circular nests, and lastly they attempt to commune with other worms.

The projection places the viewer within the worm jar, allowing them to look around at the worms surrounding them by rotating the pedestal. When a viewer enters the space more worms begin to drop into the projection. Sounds and images from installations surrounding this piece are processed and played back to sound and appear as if they  were being examined from within the jar.

Play interactive example : Headphones are required

Use your mouse to simulate interacting with the turntable.