john seefeldt
Fragments of Reconstruction and Longing

Fragments of Reconstruction and Longing attempts to examine the way in which we remember and reconstruct our past experiences. The space is divided into two sections.  One section is dedicated to longing which presents photographs and archival imagery within a romanticized 3D modeled environment. The second space is dedicated to reconstruction which attempts to reconstruct… continue reading.


This interactive installation is a collaborative effort of John Seefeldt and Karoline Schleh. Schleh developed backwards script ink drawings in response to photographs taken by John Seefeldt for the original source imagery. John Seefeldt developed the installation using costume interactive components and software  allowing the viewer to explore the projected imagery.  As the viewer moves… continue reading.

Interface Shifting Perspectives: VR

2015 8’x8’x12′ Interactive / 3D : Custom Software, Electronics, Virtual Reality Glasses, Wood  

Interface Shifting Perspectives: Motion

2014 Interactive / 3D 8’x8’x12′ Custom Software, Electronics, Wood, Fabric


2012 Interactive / 3D 8’x6’x9′ Custom Software, electronics, Wood, Cardboard, Fabric Shown at: the 2012 {Re}HAPPENING, Black Mountain, NC This structure uses standard pine two by fours as a frame. The frame is held together by four inch bolts and wing nuts to allow for easy setup and removal. The roofing and wall panels are wax-coated… continue reading.

Inverted Interface (worm jar)

Interactive / 3D 8’x8’x12′ Custom Software, Electronics, Wood, Glass, Fabric This piece includes a wrap around rear projection screen and a pedestal with a turntable on top that acts as a rotating control device. The content projected onto the screen is an interactive live rendered application. The worms within the application are running on a… continue reading.


18″x2″x8″ Clay, Wood, Custom Electronics Three 4.5′′ SQ by 1.75′′ H units made with poplar wood and clay. Two of the units house 4′′ speaker components and one houses an amplifier/wireless audio receiver. The clay tile and wooden structures are made through a modular manufacturing process (seen here>>) that is used in a variety of other products…. continue reading.

Modular | Manufacturing | Reproduction

View the process of development and use >> These tools were designed to be used in the manufacturing of clay tiles that are used as a central element  in a line of consumer products. The main tools consist of a wooden press & release clay tile cutter that allows for negligible  variation  in size and… continue reading.

Visual Dialogue was created to promote community investment and awareness within the field of academic visual art and design. Visual Dialogue is designed to be implemented as part of studio curriculum with minimal administrative upkeep required. By providing a space for students to publicly publish documentation and statements about their work; Visual Dialogue encourages the development… continue reading.

Worm in Cabaret Voltaire

Control the Dada worm using your space bar and arrow keys! This application is audio centric and designed to be used with headphones. Download application below : Mac | Win | Win64